Villagers receive compensation for damage caused by heavy rainfall, story from IT for Change site, 14th Oct, 2014

A few months ago, due to extreme rainfall and strong winds, around 150 houses were damaged or destroyed in the village of Vajarahalli, Hunsur district. The Infomediary from the community information centre went to every house and took pictures of the parts that were damaged. She documented this and encouraged the villagers to submit applications for compensation. She met with the Panchayat Development Officer and Panchayat members, who then visited all the damaged houses and heard from the villagers. The first cheque of compensation came within a month of submitting the application. In the past 2 months, 20 applicants have received compensation (all within Rs.5000). The other applications are under process and more applicants are expected to receive compensation. The Infomediary's active role in bridging the gap between the Panchayat and the villagers, in their access to compensation, has been crucial.