Info-mela by Prakriye in Hunsur, story from IT for Change site, 5th July 2014

In order to inform women about different Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and showcase women who have already used technology, an Info-mela was held in Hunsur on July 5th, 2014. All Mahila Samakhya women from Hunsur attended the mela. At this mela, information about various communication devices along with information about the human body, Open Education System and the community information centre, was shared with attendees. The Prakriye team (field centre of IT for Change) demonstrated how Interactive Voice Response (IVRS) can be used to request for information and how this could useful to the women.

The attendees were curious to learn methods of sharing information and also expressed the desire to learn about health and agriculture. Along with these women, college students and men also attended the mela and asked for information on agriculture, horticulture, Gram Panchayat (local self-governance body) etc. We also showed them how to take pictures, write on the Tablet PC, and how Kelu Sakhi, the radio programme, is created and broadcast on the radio. Films on Prakriye's work with government departments, and other women's achievements were screened as well. There was also a stall for school students that informed them about  the functions of the different parts of the body. Another stall explained how information can be sought on government department websites. About 700 people came to the info-mela, including the Hunsur MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Manjunath who expressed his appreciation for the idea behind organising such a mela.