New building for Child Care Centre in Chandapura Panchayat!, story from IT for Change site, 15th July 2014

IT for Change has been working with the Chandapura Panchayat in H.D.Kote block for several years now. The Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) agreed to our suggestion that an all-women village assembly be held, where women from the community are able to interact with local authorities (i.e. Mahila Gram Sabha). The sabha was attended by the Mahila Panchayat Adhyaksh (President of Mahila Gram Sabha) as well as the PDO. This was the first time that several women were participating in such a sabha. Some elected women representatives and sangha members had rallied to bring women together for the sabha. During the meeting, they raised as an issue, the Panchayat's neglect of problems pertaining to the village's drinking water facilities, street lights and drainage. During this time, the Child Care Centre worker also flagged the infrastructure problem she was facing. The Centre building consisted of only one room which accommodated kitchen space as well. She mentioned that the condition of the room was so bad that she was concerned about allowing children to enter the space. Since the PDO was also present in the meeting, he paid a visit to the building and then agreed to provide an alternate building which had separate rooms allocated for kitchen and toilet space respectively. The inauguration of the new building was attended by committee members as well as a local journalist who even printed a picture of the ceremony in the newspaper.