Infomediary's support ensures birth certificate for village boy, story from ANANDI site, 15th July 2014

This week's story is about Hemant bhai, a labourer from Ambipur village, Sonapur cluster. When Hemant bhai went to the Panchayat (basic unit of administration) seeking a birth certificate for his son, the minister and Panchayat members refused to oblige him - on the pretext of being occupied with meetings and other work - and sent him away without the certificate. As a result, the boy turned 5 years old and still had no birth certificate. He was also unable to secure admission into any school due to this. When Hemant bhai came to know of Sushila behn, the infomediary from their village, he approached her with his problem. Sushila behn called the minister and requested him for the birth certificate. She also requested him to help with the admission process. Finally, they procured the birth certificate (which had been pending for 5 years) because of Sushila behn's intervention.